Week of July 24  



Already the 10th week of the CSA season!  Time has flown by so quickly and I've enjoyed the opportunity to be your grower this year -- except for the occasional grueling days when the season feels like it's about 12 years long!



The hoophouse veggies are now beginning to bear, as I've picked my first cucumber and eggplant.  This is considerably earlier than outside production and I hope we are soon swimming in cukes, pole beans, and even tomatoes.


This week we'll have a last batch of lettuce before the heat does it in and the cole crops will kick in, with cabbage and cauliflower.  In addition, there will be more peas and carrots.  Fruitwise, we'll have at least one more bunch of raspberries and probably a last bit of haskap.  Some of you also may receive either eggplant, beets, swiss chard, or a cucumber.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call me at 459-3105.


 Take care,









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