Week of July 8, 2018


 The heat is on - finally -  and consequently, I am now beginning to water the crops in earnest.  Other than the endless hose dragging, irrigating this year does present its own set of unique challenges.  For example this season, the asparagus ferns have shot up to over 7 feet tall, so I practically have to take a machete into that jungle to hack out a spot to place my sprinklers.  But to quote Farmer Jones, "The job has to be done, so water you gonna do!"


This week your share will contain cucumbers, romaine lettuce, beets, baby carrots, haskap/honeyberries, and Swiss Chard.


Next week, we ought to have some new potatoes and peas ready to go and probably some raspberries as well.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 459-3105. Take care.









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