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PSP offers a limited number of outstanding and unusual peony roots.  I am a small grower committed to providing very nice plant stock at competitive prices of some truly rare and unique varieties.  One thing I promise is, unless you are one of the lucky few who live near a specialty nursery, you will not find the assortment I offer at your average generalist nursery or boxstore.  All plants sold have a minimum of 3 to 5 eyes with a substantial root mass.  Roots are available beginning September 15 through October 15.  


Itoh (Intersectional) Peonies


Hybrid Peonies




Note: The number in parentheses in front of the description represents the approximate number of days that each peony will bloom before or after Red Charm, which typically blooms here about June 1.  Blooms times are always somewhat variable depending on how cold or warm our spring weather is, but the numbers will give you a good idea about when each peony will bloom relative to others.  This may help you to select varieties that will extend your season of bloom.



Root Price

Amalia Olson

(+10) Pristine white and VERY fragrant double blooms.  The large flowers, while fully double and sumptuous, are not extremely heavy so they weather the rain and wind quite well.   Good foliage on a 32-inch plant. 



(+12) Intersectional semi-double to double; large fluffy lemon yellow blooms with soft red flares and white stigmas at center, a few sidebuds extend flowering; fragrant. Very strong grower, prolific increase. Staking not necessary. Makes an excellent presentation in the garden.  Gold Medal winner.  Very limited numbers.




Double to semidouble pink with silvery pink edges. Long blooming and stands very well without staking. 



Buckeye Belle

(+2) Semi-double; beautifully formed, medium sized bowl of blackish, deep red outer petals cradle a center made up of smaller petals and stamen filaments the same color, accented by bright yellow anthers. Flowers displayed close to the bush, the form holds best with shelter from wind and strong sunlight. This is one of the most attractive flowers of this color for exhibition or in the landscape.



(+15) Very unusual double medium-sized white flower with red streaking throughout; looks like a peppermint stick.  Has sturdy stems and good foliage.  Blooms late.  Very limited numbers.


Command Performance

(+6) Bomb double; striking cardinal red petals grow to a very large flower, especially when cut or sheltered from air movement.  The flower color and size dominates; buds massive, flowers may grow to 9 inches in diameter in the vase. Medium height, vigorous, stems occasionally crooked.  Best when staked.


Coral Sunset

(+7) Semidouble opens coral pink with orange undertones and slowly fades to a lovely soft yellow.  Often blooms of different hues will appear on a mature plant, which gives a spectacular effect in the landscape.  The 36-inch stems are very rigid so absolutely no staking needed.  Excellent cut flower.  Truly one of the best herbaceous peonies available. Gold Medal winner.  


Do Tell

(+7) Japanese to Bomb type; light pink outer petals pale orchid pink when narrow center segments are much darker, a bright red-purple, making a reverse color contrast. On a well-grown plant, some stems may develop nearly double flowers. Sidebuds retain color contrast and extend flowering. Leaves remain green to autumn.


Douglas Brand


One of the largest of all double peonies; 10" of brilliant watermelon red color on strong 34" stems. Late midseason bloom.



Early Scout

(-15) Fern leaf hybrid red single with very finely cut foliage, this one will almost certainly be the first to bloom in your garden.  Highly freeze resistant.   A great reliable substitute for the harder-to-grow fern leaf peony.  Gold Medal winner.


Etched Salmon


Salmon-pink, double, lightly fragrant, midseason, 34" tall, hybrid. A very symmetrical appearance with petals all the same height and finely cupped with depth of color to the center. Rare. APS Gold Medal Award 2002.



Garden Lace

(+11) Lovely softly fragrant single pink with a mound of yellow stamens in the center.  Foliage is very healthy and prolific bloom is held well above the 30-inch plant with no staking necessary.  This plant has excellent landscape value. 


Garden Treasure

(+10) Outstanding semi-double yellow intersectional peony, a mature plant may have up to 40 large 6- to 7-inch flowers.  Often will bloom three weeks or longer with large side buds opening in rotation. Rich green lobed foliage on a 30-inch high plant through late fall.  Blooms have a pleasant lemony fragrance.  No staking necessary.  Gold Medal winner.  


Gay Paree

(+8) Japanese peony with bright pink guard petals and white interior. Very attractive color combination.  Excellent grower and no staking needed.





Creamy red, semi-double, midseason, intersectional/Itoh, 30" tall. This striking flower fades to a cream while holding its darker center color. Intersectionals are great landscape plants with graceful foliage that holds the flowers on display. Award of Landscape Merit. 






(+10) Packed with petals, very large, bright pink and yellow flower, fragrant. Tall, very strong grower; moderate increase, assures large flowers. Flowers held well above the bush, long stems will arch with the very heavy flower, best with high support for flowering in the viewed landscape, splendid for cutting and exhibition. 





(+7) Opens a striking pink- or reddish orange, unique in peonies, passes to light apricot orange at petal fall, has a sweet, spicy fragrance. Medium sized flowers, borne singly on 26-inch stems. Low medium bush is stoutly erect, a moderate rate of increase.




Merry Mayshine

(-5) Single; a fern-leaf hybrid; fragrant, bright crimson flowers with contrasting bright yellow centers, set just above the abundant, dark green, slender leaflets. Its very erect posture is unusual among fernleaf hybrids. Vigorous, 24-inch stems make a stout clump.


Old Faithful

(+10) As reliable as its namesake,  Old Faithful comes back beautifully every year.  This is a gorgeous dark double red peony that sets the standard for peonies that don't need to be staked with extremely wind and rain resistant stems.  As an added bonus, the emerging buds have a fascinating rosebud form and the foliage remains nice all season long.


Paula Fay

(+2) Semi-double; rich, medium pink, floriferous, may become fluorescent pink or a bright red pink in cooler climates. Medium height, stoutly upright stems. Flowers are held close to the glossy green foliage.


Red Charm

(+0) Red double with a extra collar of petals around the edge, this is still one of the best early red peonies available.  Foliage comes up rich green on 28-inch plants but does become somewhat faded by summer's end.  Large blooms are held on thick stems but because of their size and weight would probably benefit from low support.  Gold Medal winner.




(+8) Rozella, a late bloomer, produces a wealth of rose-like, dark pink, fully double flowers on very sturdy 30-32-inch stems accented by dark green leaves that look great throughout the growing season.




The Fawn

(+7)  Beautiful fully doubled pink blossoms have flecks of magenta scattered throughout which give it a "fawn" like appearance. Vigorous growth habit with dark green foliage and strong stems hold the flowers upright at 32 inches tall. An excellent cut flower. A rare and extraordinarily unique peony.


White Cap

(+5) Absolutely stunning contrast between raspberry red petals and cream to white central stamens.  Large flowers blooms 3 weeks or longer if side buds are allowed to remain on the plant.  Staking is optional; most years I find it unnecessary because the light blooms are held well above the foliage on strong stems.  Very pleasing fragrance.  Plant is about 36 inches tall and frequently blooms on first-year divisions, which is not usually the case with most peonies.  This peony is always in short supply nationwide. Very limited supply.  Gold Medal winner.


White Frost


Superb hybrid peony with snow white rose-type flower with a heavy amount of bloom, fragrant, very strong 30" stems. Late midseason.



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